It appears some only want to make President Trump Look Bad

In no way and in no stretch of the imagination would I believe the President of the Unites States Donald J. Trump tried to or intended to disrespect a fallen soldier family.

The female politician stated this could be the President’s Benghazi.

This in itself speaks to her own hatred to the President and her own sick prejudice, and the fact that her candidate and party lost the election.

It is truly very sad day to see Americans so divided, especially when a family is grieving and appears to be manipulated by a politician crying foul.

Even if the President did say those words, those are words a lot of service men present and former have used. Of course we all know what we signed up for. It is a coping mechanism and in no way means being insensitive to our brothers.

It is better to say little if anything at all on all matters. Keep the masses in suspense, operate on a military level, thus all matters are on a need to know basis.

Speak with your Generals wisely, and only trust those who’s only aim and purpose is to the state, and not those who only serve their own self interest.

The more drama, the more negative energies, which will result in the more wasted time and resources on matters that do not contribute to nation building.

Unusual times calls for unusual leaders, who must stay course in restoring a nation from the fate of the Roman Empire.

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Dear President Donald J. Trump

As my Commander in Chief, and also as my most favorite of all US Presidents. I do believe that the masses simply do not get you/understand how your mind works in respect to many issues.

I think if they had read one of your books “The Art of The Deal” that they may have better insight of the complex persona that you posses.

The S.O.B Comment

Now to the issue of the national anthem and national flag and the S.O.Bs  that you referred to. Hear is the situation:

The public cannot understand why the “Black Lives Matter” movement has not made an impact with you as President of the United States of America, and as such paints you as a racist.

This is so as they are not aware that though this movement serves an important cause, it was hijacked by violent behavior and anti law enforcement attitudes. This basically reduced any chance of a well coined name movement to basically be zero. Also Brown lives matter too.

The NFL athletes who kneel in protest, much like many protested the Vietnam war, are truly in my opinion not anti American or dissing our service men and women. Some would argue I did not include the other genders. But this is issue is a recent phenomenon in the armed service and not and point of discussion here.

The fact of the matter is Mr. President, you are not a racist in my opinion, but simple shoot from the hip. How could you be a racist and have taken so many photos with so many people of colour not Just Jamaican DJs such as Super Cat and Shabba Ranks, but other famous people of colour.

A true racist or a racist would not do this, not even a prejudice person. Simple put, I cannot recall any pictures I have taken with fat women. Not that they are not women or beautiful in the eyes of many. But some would argue it is too a form of prejudice. Frankly nothing is wrong with some preferences.

Usain Bolt respecting the national anthem shows the class of a human being. However it does not give credibility to call professional men with children and pure blood Americans to be called S.O.Bs, as this will hurt them, hurt the nation, hurt your image significantly and hurt the party.

You see it is also dissing their moms,  and that is a no no. Even though some among them may do so, it is like the N word, they can use it, but not you.

The fact is Sir, as Commander in Chief, it is no longer about you. It is about 300 million+ citizens.


It would be a true symbol of a great leader and a great man to apologize to these fellow American citizens whom you called S.O.Bs and also apologize to their mothers and fathers in a public speech then tweet it after. Why?

You are able to show that you understand the significance of Black Lives Matters as the real cause of the protest, and that the movement has been hijacked by what some would argue was criminal behavior. It will also show that the media focus is in the wrong direction on this matter. Have you noticed that the media is simply focusing on making you the ultimate evil and ultimate negative?

The media, and other groups cannot reduce the real purpose of the NFL kneeling to the national anthem, as national shootings of people of colour in questionable circumstances is the real issue.

Of course as a former service member, being on the ground is a different situation than watching men in uniform on duty play out over a video camera or a phone camera recording.

None the less I think the world is aware of this problem of questionable police shootings of people of colour leaving a trail of death and gloom. I know America is better than this, and that the vast Americans are very good people.

I paid a price locally in defending this belief and my support for the party and you as President. This price came from the hands of Black racists in Jamaica one in particular a member of the JDF at the rank of SGT Major. Racism is sick at any level and from any group. However the right to determine the fate of any race by its members is not racism, so as long as it does not take away the lawful rights of other races/tribes.

Racism in the Military

I served in US Armed Forces with service men of openly racist views, but they always new that in this branch such stuff can never affect the mission, or the Corps.

We bonded when we had to, worked hard as one unit home and overseas,  and even as members of the same Soccer (The real Football : ) ) team winning several championships local and overseas. I met Mexican racists, African American racist, Euro American racist all on the same base and we all had to work as one unit. At first I could not understand this complexity, but the USMC and its code of ethics kept all in check even in the darkest of the darkest times.

Black Lives Matter

It is a matter that Mr. Sessions had some what addressed in a speech to law enforcement, but it needs to be delivered by you at a national scale. Why?

The path in which we are heading cannot be good for the nation or the world, and most important for the party than can make America Great Again.

Would you Sir prefer a divided nation that is already on its way in losing most of its core values that gave the nation its identity?

Would you Sir prefer a total loss at the polls for the next 20 years?

What will this mean for the Make America Great Again Movement?

I cannot even begin to fathom such a possibility, but you are providing much material for your opponents. As such in my humble opinion a open apology would blow the minds of all critics. They will never see it coming.

I will try and see if my blog post can find its way to you. But there is no way for the public to reach out to you electronically with ideas, solutions, support, complaints or matters affecting them. Maybe there is, but I am not ware of it.

Semper Fi