I was reading an article this morning, just now a a matter a fact as the headline grabbed my attention.

UX — the thought behind design


You should read it too and make sure to visit then click order online

Without further elaboration you would have noticed that the link above was mentioned as the second part of the article that deals with UX.

You will notice by the second click after trying out the ordering online feature, that the UX is total BS and totally outdated and nothing short or prehistoric UX for such a company as Dominos in Jamaica.

In fact I got so frustrated with the UX I did not bother to order nor would I ever try again if it were the same UX.

I would really like to see the data usage of this new feature after the first 12 months. I would bet like my next dominos pizza order, that it will not be impressive. Take it from a former Dominos pizza lover.

In short the UX stinks out of this world and completely sucks. The clown (As he must be joking around with circus like content) that wrote the article in the Jamaica Observer, is a member of Jamaica Design Association.

I wonder if he knows of the team that did such a design and that is the reason for the glossy write up?

If this is what Jamaica Design Association has to offer it is a sick joke.



My last e-mail to the alleged bright CEO of Communications Group on April 9, 2008 was basically stating that he nor his team since courting them from 2005, knew what they were doing in respect to Internet VOD or Internet streaming.

You see in Jamaica locals like to act as if they are first world intellect on all things. The truth is they are living in a 3rd or 5th world country pretending to be first world status.

Now it is nice to see almost a decade later that the Negroe has finally caught up to intelligence of the market. Sadly though the contract did not go to a local player.

Truth be told, this is not to be confused with all the local players in 2005 in the space at the time with that of what Jamaica Wireless had to offer.

For the locals did not have access at the time to superior technology that Brightcove had on the market. As Jamaica Wireless was the first and only Jamaican company signed up with them and using their technology at any level needed.

Back then, way back in what appears to be stone age period. A lot of innovation and hurdles had to be cleared not just from a local technology / bandwidth problem but taking it a step further from PC to TV with the right user interface for TV application that were not at the time digital TV sets.

There were so many things and so long ago it is not funny. Stuff back then such as how to maximize in video marketing, animated ads at the corner of screens etc. Its been so long.

See news on RJR press release;

RJR goes live streaming, video-on-demand by Oct