Last year around September I stated to my mother in the states that Donald Trump would win the Republican nomination and move on to win the Presidency, though the latter would prove problematic and not an easy task.

Congratulations to President Elect Donald Trump, and Vice President Elect Mike Pence.

How did I know all this?

Having lived state side for 15 years, I made sure I asked questions and engaged many Americans what made them tick among each other.

I saw a divided country in 1994 and discovered that many of its citizens were feeling the pain of having to feel that they were the ones responsible for slavery and that some how they being white especially the males, that some how had to suffer for this.

I discovered that such people were holding it on the inside and forced to be politically correct, and accept fault even when they were not at fault, as they were not alive prior to 1969.

I found that several factors affected the average poor white male as it affected the black male and other minority groups. It was a form of reverse racism, and the white males were the victims and could do nothing about it.

Of course I am not defending the racist groups and hate mongers. But when a man can no longer be a man in his own country, not able to speak his mind and constantly being blamed for everything wrong with minorities.

It becomes a burden, especially when the same white male is no better off or no better educated than the blacks or other minority groups blaming him for everything.

Then the whole issue of feminism. The same issues played out as stated above. I interacted with men who were literally living in a mental and spiritual cage. Only whisky did the trick for them at times.

So I felt the undercurrent of a movement that at times had links to para military militias influenced by military veterans.

They bought heavy assault weapons in preparation for some secret war of the races that they felt was imminent. I felt then that in was but a matter of time within 20+ years that this would all come to the surface in some shape or another.

The masses were being silenced, and as such with standard of living not improving, a nations constitution being eroded. It was but a matter of time for the keg to pop.

Fortunately for all, the popping of the keg was a very peaceful stroll to the ballot box 🙂

Having had to defend the Republican Party locally, and defend Donald Trump and educate locals. I paid a price from a small group of black males who hate white people.

Yes they were cunning, deceptive, and clever in their execution to do me harm. One member of this group is a SGT Major in the Jamaica Defense Force. Funny thing is, he is of white heritage and hates his own blood.

But being that I stand for truth, and not twisted facts and lies. I now feel so happy and so vindicated.



Did you know that under both incompetent governments lead by these politicians and bureaucrats, that the nation has been wasting billions of dollars per year and we do not have to?

They then turn around and raise your tax over the years by over $20 billion to cover shortfall in the budget to pass IMF test, and the people simple sit back and do nothing.


For starters Chick V could have been dealt with in a more aggressive manner if the GOJ was able to save as little as 1% of is total energy bill.

We were told by officials that the GOJ did not have enough money to fight Chick V. But if there was not time wasting in respecting to true energy saving for the GOJ energy bill.

There could have been available $13 million per month to clean up communities, fog mosquito population for at the least the past 2 years if not longer.

All the physical pain thousands of Jamaicans felt from Chick V, must have been the worst physical shape our population has been in for decades, even worse than the IMF.


To add to that light bill increase is a every day problem, as JPS does not appear to have the local talent nor the international talent in solving the high cost of kWh facing every Jamaican.

It appears they are only interested in making more money and more money. Let us not forget MIRANT came here and left quite happy.

These clueless people instead import for sale very expensive above average LEDs in their e-Store. Give me a break.

There are at least two local alternative solution with superior quality and 50% to 70% cheaper than the LEDs located Continue reading