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President Donald Trump announces U.S. will withdraw from Paris climate accord – Full speech

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Its All In the DNA!

I truly recommend to all who live in a country that is not of a homogeneous population to get your DNA test done. Why?

One can find out why one is more akin to another group way of thinking. While one does not reflect on the outside that other culture, racial or ethnic group physical profile.

Human evolution and revolution is the new particle physics for man. It is important to understand what makes up your DNA and how it all works.

A classic example; what makes Trump and Putin so much similar in many ways? Could it be that they are of the same Y chromosome make up? There are several types of Y chromosomes of European ancestry.

While looking up info on the net. I cam across the following articles.

Monkey Blood, RH Negative Blood Types, Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b Blood Grouping Shared By Royalty And Dictators Alike

Famous people’s Y-DNA listed by haplogroup

Considering that my DNA test revealed not too long a ago, a few months to be exact. Told me many things about my family line, much of which I already knew after years of trying to understand other racial groups in my country through social interaction.

As family history pointed out, who married who, and where my grandfather came from to marry my fathers mother etc. Thus not as some locals have a right to claim their beginnings started on the plantation.

Paternal Haplogroup (Fathers side, considering I am tracing my male lineage)

R1b1b2a1a now classified as R-M412 is a subgroup of R-M269.

Haplogroup R (also known as R-M207) is the most recent common ancestor of all R lineages, including my haplogroup.

Maternal Haplogroup